Big News: I Quit My Day Job and Moved!

That’s right folks - I took the plunge. I’m now working as a full-time freelance illustrator and writer!


Two weeks ago, I turned in my resignation letter, found a sublet tenant for my apartment in Washington, D.C., and packed up all my belongings for the ten hour drive back to my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.


This is a really huge step for me, and it’s just as exciting and liberating as you might think.


Over the last two years, my career in DC became less and less fulfilling each day, and I started spending evening after evening in front of the drawing board to take my mind off the day job. Somewhere along the way, it hit me that a full career shift into freelance illustration might not be so crazy. Ok - it’s a little crazy - but I’ve finally worked up the courage to do what’s necessary and give it a proper go.


Looking ahead, I’m ready to channel the skills I’ve built over the past six years working as a journalist, communications strategist, and media professional to my new life as a freelance illustrator. It’s finally time for me to meld my love of drawing with my interests in fashion, design, lifestyle, and luxury.


I hope you’re just as excited about my work as I am about the journey ahead. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or on my INSTAGRAM. You can also email me at or send a message via my contact page if you’re interested in a collaboration/commission.


Be on the lookout for many more blog posts in the coming weeks - starting with a play by play of my recent work for the extremely talented writer/director, Allison Mattox, and her beautiful film, Echappe.